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Washington State

Client Safety & Health Requirements

Hair Wash
COVID-19: Welcome

Clients should advise Cindy Soung Hair Studio 

via call or text 206-799-7604 that they have 

arrived at the location for the appointment, 

and are waiting for instructions to enter. There 

may be a 5-10 minute appointment delay due 

to cleaning or finishing time from the previous client. 

Clients should put on a facemask prior to 

leaving the vehicle, and they should be 

prepared to wash their hands for at least 

20 seconds prior to starting their service. 

COVID-19: Hours

Clients are required to wear a Cloth Mask 

at all times. Cloth facial covering is required 

due to WA State Safety and Health Requirements.

 If you do not arrive with a mask we will have 

some for purchase that will automatically be 

added onto your total bill. Please keep in mind 

that we are working with chemicals and water 

and your mask may get stained. 

COVID-19: Hours

Client temperature will be taken.

Client must self-screen for signs and symptoms 

of COVID-19 before arriving at the service 

provider location. 

COVID-19: Hours

Clients should not plan on bringing other guests with them, unless they are bringing children 

younger than 16 for an appointment.

COVID-19: Hours

If you would like to see WA State Covid Safety & Health Requirements then click the link below.

COVID-19: Quote
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